Team Czar

Paul Rytlewski

Paul is a level 2 cycling coach his passion for cycling is unrivaled.  He was the impetus behind the revolution. Latest words of wisdom: "I like beer and bikes! That's why I dig this team!"


Jakub Malarz

New the board, he brings passion, knowledge, oh and hes a doctor, so there is that.

Vice President

Steve Weckle

The silent leader.  The (pretty) face of the Board.  The voice of reason.  Steve keeps us grounded and reminds us of who we are.


Tom Sawyer

Tom represents the clenched fist of passion and honor. His love for the sport and for riding his heart out makes him the perfect man to keep track of our finances.

Race Director

Ben Rollenhagen

Ben is a level 3 certified fit technician with Specialized BG fit.  He currently organizes the Tour das Frankenmuth, Gran Fondo di Thumb, Big Bad Wolf Cyclocross, Le Tour de Mt Pleasant, and Le Frost Cross.  Two of the races are the largest and have the highest participation in the state, though he couldn't do it without the help of his amazing club members.

Race Advisor

Ernie Riley

Ernie does finger stretches every day from all of the finger pointing he does as he tells us what to do and where to go. Without him we would all be spinning in circles. He is like the conductor to our cycling team orchestra.  Although no offical title, Ernie is the one of the founding fathers.  

These guys fill the gaps and offer key advice to keep this club running smoothly!

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